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Q: Are you Organic?

A:  The short answer is no, we are not. While we do see some value in using exclusively organic produce, we have not been able to find a consistent local source that can keep up with our customer demand. Since we can't promise that it would always be available and, therefore, can't price and prepare our product accordingly, we will hold off on using organic produce until we can guarantee it at all times for our customers. 

Q: You’re a diet shop, right?

A:  No, Seed is not a diet shop. Seed is a healthy-eating shop. We care about giving our customers food and drink that has lots of nutrition, protein, and fiber and is good for your body. We encourage our community to consider healthy eating a lifestyle for the long-term, not the short spurts required by unrealistic and unhelpful diets.


Q: Are you gluten-free?

A:  About 90% of our menu items are gluten-free. The exceptions are the whole-grain bread and the oats we use in our oat cups. Many of our grocery items are also gluten-free. 


Q: What’s the difference between Juices & Smoothies?

A:  In a smoothie, we keep the fibers in the drink, which help regulate digestion and fill you up. However, since the fibers are blended, your body digests and absorbs the nutrients more easily than when you eat them. It's a great choice!


Juices are served without fibers, which means your body works on absorbing more vitamins and nutrients instead of working on digestion. Juices have a more concentrated amount of nutrition and give your digestive system a much-needed break. Also, juicing helps cleanse the body's toxins and waste. (Ask about our Juice Cleanse Program!) It's definitely good for your body. We recommend switching it up!

Q: Can I change the ingredients in one of your juices?

A: I’m sorry – because of preparation, costing, health and flavor considerations, we cannot change the main ingredients of the juices on our menu. We like to make sure that our juices taste good and our ingredients work well together in your body, and that we can keep proper inventory of what produce is being used.


However, we can remove and add some of our small ingredients (ginger, cinnamon, lemon, celery) and we can also replace apples with cucumbers (or carrots) if you’re looking for less sugar in your juice. Otherwise, call us for our catering prices -- with enough advanced warning, we can prepare almost anything for you! 


Q: How do you clean your produce?

A: Yes, we take a lot of care when we wash our fruit and vegetables. First, we use special cleaning liquid that we soak the produce in and we scrub the fruit and vegetables that grow underground (like beets and carrots). Then, we give them another good rinse under pure water. The cleanliness of our food is a very important to us and our customers.


Q: Do you cater?

A: Yes! We do events and large quantities of all our food items, and at a discount! Call or email us for more information.

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