Seed is a fresh, quick, delicious, healthy eatery that cares about the way our community eats. We use only the freshest, cleanest ingredients, so our products are packed with the vitamins and nutrients you need to energize yourself, feel and look healthy, and live your best life!

We cater to your body’s healthy cravings. Whether it’s a fresh vegetable and fruit juice or smoothie to give you a boost in the morning, one of our delicious, nutrient-packed salads or sandwiches for lunch, or an all-natural snack or oat cup in between meals, Seed’s got what you need to get your body through the day in the most positive way. 

We want to empower our customers (and community) to make healthy choices everyday without all the fuss and confusion. Seed is about simplicity, quality, cleanliness, consistency and great customer service.

Be warned: This is not a “diet shop.” We don’t encourage our customers to focus only on the numbers on the back of a food package and fleeting trends. Numbers and flakey "science" can often be misleading or just incorrect. Instead, our focus is on eating the things that make your body feel good: energized, light, calm, and strong.


As Seed grows (pun intended), so will our understanding of how food affects our bodies, what foods are best for us, and what we can do (add, remove, or change) to our menu to make sure you’re always getting the very best that we can possibly provide.

Come try Seed! We promise: Your body won’t regret it.

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